Suggestions from Experts for Babies Development Under One Year Old

After five weeks since born, parents should intentionally choose some toys for their babies to play, by this way, it is beneficial to babies’ growth. However, do you know how to choose the suitable toys, which is also the hot topic among parents, especially the young parents. Suggestions from children development experts are introduced below, are you interested in this topic?

About five weeks, babies’ line of sight begin to expand continually, and they are easily attracted by the moving objects. Under such circumstance, parents can put some moving objects on the babies’ bed or cloth change place. Of course, you can use other things to replace such toys in daily life.

About three months old, babies are more likely to be drawn by toys which can make sound such as bell. When shaking by babies or beating slightly, babies would hear the sounds, which is beneficial to their hearing development. When buy such sound make toys, parents should choose the ones which is light, durable and easily cleaned. At the same time, toys should be easily grasped by babies because at this phase babies are able to grip items for only a few seconds because of their undeveloped muscles and coordination ability.

When babies are four months old, put some beans into the plastic cup, which can make sounds. Similarly, such toys should be easily grasped by hands.

When babies are between six and ten months old, the ideal toys should be small, along with small holes or handle on it so that it is easy for babies to grab. At the same time, it is better to choose the colorful ones.

Music box can bring lots of pleasure to babies so that it is the favorite toy when they want to sleep. Meanwhile, activities hut can be placed on bed or the bathroom, a series of buttons should be on the activities hut so that it is easy to play. With the development of babies’ activities ability, babies are more willing to play with such kind of toys.

When babies are between ten and twelve months, they are able to pick up some small size items such as the chalk, pencils, crayons, and finally the brush. Babies become more and more flexible, they can push or pull the toy train, car toy and dog toys. On the other hands, it is wise to buy toys with string so that babies can pull the toy to walk. By the way, the length of string should be less than 38cm.

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