Parenthood ‘The Talk’ Review

The title makes us confused with “the talk” in it, giving us confusion that between whom the talk is going to take place, but it shapes out pretty good.

Sarah & Hank – Ruby, Hank’s 11 years old daughter is in the town and Hank is trying the various ways to bond with her. Sarah gets surprised when she discovers that Hank has a daughter and wants to meet her. Ultimately, Ruby goes to the shop after her planned weekend shoot & stays with Sarah but behaves like a pre-teen. Sarah and Ruby bonds with each other when Sarah asks her for help & ruby lends her hand & when Ruby discusses with her, how she shall deal with her friends who enjoy better on weekends than her. We hardly expected Sarah to give suggestions to Ruby for going out, but on a contrary, what it leads to is a situation where Hank is photo-shopping Justin Bieber in a picture with Ruby and that was the idea Sarah gave Ruby to inform her friends. Hank has a smile on his face after reading a text “You’re awesome” from Ruby. Happy moment it was but not the way it came up. At the end however, Sarah gets hold of some good pictures by Hank and shows interest in putting them up.
Adam, Kristina & Max – getting the necessary signatures of all the classmates was the first step which was taken for running for the student council and was initiated by Max. Proud was the feeling that Kristina carried until she recognizes that some kids were making fun of Max on the page of signature. Sad it turned and the moment Adam gets to know this, he, together with Kristina wishes Max not to do the same, but when they try and convince Max, it goes all negative, as expected. Eventually, Kristina depresses as she always wanted Max to gain knowledge from the experience and then run and be unsuccessful if that is what is suppose to happen. This acted as an outlet for Adam & Kristina to rethink about her forthcoming surgery which is deferred in order to have room for Max’s elections. Adam, being scared because of the delay, convinces Kristina not to wait and pre-pone it back.

Crosby, Jabbar & Jasmine – Jabbar is nomore a kid and has grown a lot. He is now approved to be present at the rapper’s recording studio. Jabbar listens to the N word over there and enquires what it stands for. Contrary to the expectations of Crosby going mad hearing this, informs Jasmine and explains how he made an effort to elucidate Jabbar that it’s a word which is not to be used by anyone, but fumbles. Jasmine gets the point and assures Crosby that she will give desired “the talk” to Jabbar. At a fine night, Jabbar hears about the word & they talk about the history of the word with Crosby watching with a fear. Later, he praises her and tells her that even he learned things from her. It was actually a touching moment where you realise how has Crosby changed and will surely be a great father.

Zeek – When Zeek becomes over possessed by making noise with one of the sprinklers, Camille suggests him to get himself a good hobby. She guides him to volunteer at the nearby Veteran’s centre. Zeek was somehow unwilling to go there but ultimately he ends up meeting a young soldier, Ryan, who just got back from Afghanistan. Zeek discovers that the guy was an agricultural expert & thus makes him pay attention to his sprinklers and discover the problem. Yes, Zeek wasn’t mad and he was impressed by Ryan and his efforts. They sit for a close talk where they discuss about coming back and adjustments of life post-war. It was exceptional to see Zeek bonding with someone like this. His words touched out hearts when he said “You’re not invisible to me”.

Victor and Joel – It was good to see the bonding between Julia and Victor, but now it was the turn for somebody who wasn’t seen much this season, Joel. Victor is encouraged to get into baseball than video games. In the first practice, he misses every pitch thrown to him while Joel was watching. He gets angry and says that “You’re not my real dad!”. Joel then holds a patient talk with him regarding baseball and how can he help. Victor passes but returns to ask how to play catch.

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