How To Stop Acid Reflux In Babies

Acid reflux in babies is a normal condition related to the development of your new born child.

Usually, symptoms of spitting up or regurgitating are signs of acid reflux in babies and should be expected to disappear with time. It usually takes 6 to eight months for babies to grow out of acid reflux symptoms.

But for some babies, the symptoms are a sign of a serious illness and requires medical attention. Your doctor will determine whether your child is going through a growing process or needs special attention.

Most of the time, Acid reflux in babies is simply part of growing up. Here are some recommendations that will show you how to deal with acid reflux in your baby. Always consult with your doctor first, before making changes in your baby’s lifestyle.

-Keep your baby in an upright position during and 30 minutes after feedings, will greatly reduce acid reflux. It’s more harder for stomach acid to back up when your baby is in an upright position.

– Another inexpensive product that could help acid reflux in babies is a wedge pillow for babies. Commonly known as acid reflux pillow, this pillow is specially design for problems of acid reflux in babies and works by keeping food in the stomach of your baby with the help of gravity.

Less is better.
-newly mom’s have a natural tendency to over feed their baby. However, When symptoms of acid reflux occur, mothers should reduce the portions of food and dispense feedings more often during the day.

Rice cereal for acid reflux symptoms.
– rice cereal can help to soak up acid reflux in babies. Just add some rice cereal in your baby’s feedings, will ease occurrence of acid reflux symptoms by absorbing it.

Burping method for acid reflux in babies.
– while most moms gently pat the back of their babies after feeding, you can try to gently rub in circular motion the back of your baby while holding your baby against your chest. Make a circular motion up and down the back for best results. This method will help to ease pressure in the tummy when your baby burps.

-loosening the Velcro of your baby’s diaper and avoid feeding juices that are highly acidic like; orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice will help acid reflux in babies.

Lastly, knowing what to do and how to prevent acid reflux in babies will greatly improve your baby’s health and provide more enjoyable moments with your new born child.

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