Handy Suggestions On Choosing Toys For Babies

Being a parent, you’re aware of all the significant changes your child undergoes throughout the first year. During the first 12 months the stage is set for their later growth, and getting it right is essential in ensuring your child’s mental and physical health will be realized at their full potential. A good way to help make that happen is to get your baby acquainted with the right children toys. However, there are some toys that are certainly not appropriate. You will need to get baby toys that stimulate your child’s senses, including the all important sight, touch and sound senses. With this goal in mind, toy makers design a great number of toys for babies to be colorful, full of texture and can create sounds. Toys for babies that promote interaction like touch button stuffed animals, rattles, etc. which reacts to your baby’s touches are perhaps the most popular. With countless available toys on the market these days, picking the right toy can be a daunting task. I have consequently provided here a list of the best baby toys that will make your little ones happy.

Important Things To Consider When You are Buying Baby Toys

Considering Gender for Toy Selection

As they are very young during this period and their sexuality has not yet formed, there is no major difference when it comes to toys for baby boys and baby girls. There is very little to worry about choosing pink toys for girls and blue toys for boys, or just trucks for boys and dolls for girls either. Babies at this point can benefit from the right toys regardless of what gender the toys are geared toward.


This is probably the first and major concern when purchasing baby toys. You will want to ensure that your very young babies only play with soft toys. Hard toys can harm them because they still cannot control their hand movements very well. Hard toys are appropriate, as long as for older babies because they are not sharp or pointy around the edges. Very importantly, babies shouldn’t be allowed to play with toys that come with removable bits and pieces, which can present a choking risk as babies may unknowingly swallow or bite on these small parts. In addition to this, keep away from toys that have painted areas because babies are known to lick their toys and paints may contain substances that may be poisonous.

Be Sure The Toy is Age Suitable

Children under 1 year old typically are at their early stage of growth, so picking out a simple toy is the best. Toys that are soft and elastic which include rattles, plush toys, colorful balls, squeaky hammers, and fabric items turn out as excellent toys for babies. There are also fabric books that are available which have simple drawings of animals which can be felt, touched and learned from. Learning starts more effectively with black and white first, before benefiting more from toys with bright colors, images and patterns.

You can purchase toys that are developed with geometric patterns, vibrant colors and can create sounds for babies between birth and 2 months. These are inspiring enough to aid them in learning to be comfortable with voices and sounds. At this time, toddlers love seeing their reflections so giving them reflecting or mirrored toys is also suggested.

When babies reach 3 to 5 months of age, they start off developing their hand and eye coordination and continue to develop their vision. That’s why toys along the lines of picture books, board books, or toys that play music, peek-a-boo, etc. are very good addition to your babies’ growing collection of toys. One thing to remember at this stage of development is that your baby my begin teething so it’s a great idea to let them play with teething toys which they can also chew on when they like to. Toys like Sophie the Giraffe Teether is nontoxic and is a good teething friend for your baby.

Your baby may begin sitting up or crawling around your house together with their improved physical strength and hand/eye coordination between ages 6 to 9 months. During this time, you might want to start to look for toys for mental improvement such as baby activity centers, musical toys, musical CDs, balls, stacking toys, shape sorters, etc. Giving them books and reading to them can also greatly benefit babies who are this age.


Babies do not care about cleanliness and they cannot be blamed for that. It is therefore essential to buy toys that can be washed either by hand or by a washing machine. That will make it easy to keep the toys clean and well maintained if your baby makes a mess. Following this basic guideline will help you in getting your little ones the right toy to play with which is enjoyable, educating, easy to keep tidy and safe. Enjoy shopping!

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