Fun Facts About Babies You Might Not Have Heard

Sure everybody knows that babies are cute and snuggly. They get to wear super cute and goofy looking clothes. At what other stage in life can a person wear a t-shirt that says “Daddy’s Princess” without getting funny looks? Being a baby certainly does not look all that difficult. The majority of the population seems to think that babies are fully formed adults except for their inability to speak in complete sentences. Babies are actually quite different from adults have their own sets of needs and wants. Here are some facts about babies that might be new to you.

You might already have a fair amount of baby knowledge. Someone has undoubtedly told you that it can take a little bit for babies to start to recognize other people. You already know that a baby will understand on instinct who his mother is even within a minute of being born. You probably already know that babies develop at vastly different rates. Development milestones happen when they happen-how a baby grows up is not an exact science. You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of other things to learn about child development and babies. The infancy period is one of the most interesting of all areas of human development. Even within the first few years of a person’s life there are millions of fascinating changes. Those little bodies might look like they can’t accomplish much but the fact is that those babies are working really hard to grow up!

Did you already know that there are three hundred bones in an infant’s body? By the time a person reaches adulthood there are only two hundred and six bones in the body. Contrary to how this sounds, you never actually lose bones-some of the individual bones that you are born with simply fuse together to form single bones. Some people think that this is one of the reasons that babies are so much more physically flexible than adults, because some of their bones are still able to move about independent of each other. Think about it: how often are you able to eat your own feet as a grown up?

Babies can sense light changes even in the womb. Millions of fibers and nerve endings connect together to create your eyes. The sheer coordination needed for your eyes to function correctly will astound you. Babies usually have working eyes by the end of the first trimester or very beginning of the second trimester. Even as early as six months after conception your baby will show signs of light sensitivity. Here’s something else about your baby’s eyes: if he is Caucasian he will be born with blue eyes but they might not stay that color! Caucasian babies do not usually keep their “original” eye color (blue). So don’t let yourself get too attached to the blue color. They might not stay that way! Most babies have the ability to recognize different types of music before they are born. Different songs can be recognized by the time an infant is thirty four weeks along. That means that this happens more than a month before the baby is born! Some women say that they will sometimes feel their babies moving to the rhythm of some music. So music appreciation really does happen “even before you were born”! Isn’t that amazing?

Did you know that some babies are born with teeth? Other babies don’t start getting their teeth in until well after their first birthdays.Most parents dread the teething process. There is no reason to fret if your child starts teething earlier or later than his peers. Babies grow at different rates and even if you have other kids who started to get their teeth in at a specific age that is not a guarantee that this baby will follow suit.

While most doctors recommend against consuming mercury while a woman is pregnant, eating non mercury forms of fish can be quite healthy. By now you’ve probably had a bunch of your friends as well as your doctor tell you that you should be eating salmon because it contains a bunch of healthful properties that you and your baby need and it is mercury free. Some people believe that if you do not eat fish then your children will not have the same high levels of brain function or the same high skills for communication as those children born to women who did eat fish regularly while they are pregnant. This theory is still just that: a theory, so do not beat yourself up for neglecting your baby’s brain if you don’t eat fish, can’t eat fish or simply haven’t eaten that much fish during your pregnancy.

While we all know that babies cry to signal distress or the need for some form of attention, you might not know that a baby does not cry tears until he or she is a few weeks old. When a person gets stressed he or she secretes a hormone that is only found in tears. This is one of the reasons that stress makes people cry: the body forces the stress induced hormones out of the body to calm itself down. Babies are not able to make this hormone before they are born. It can take some infants a few weeks to begin producing this hormone and real tears. It takes other babies a few months to begin producing the hormone and crying real tears. Babies are really fun to learn about. We have yet to figure out just how quickly babies learn and by what process they retain those things. There is, however, a universal consensus on just how wonderful it is to watch babies grow up: they change every single day!

There are new discoveries being made constantly about babies and infant development. What is certain today could be an old wives tale tomorrow! Are you really surprised by how confusion most people find infancy since you now know how rapidly new discoveries are being made? Staying current with the trends can be easy if you don’t mind doing a little bit of homework. Infancy is more complex than people think. Babies are actually very complex and have their own sets of needs that must be met. It is important that you learn how to communicate with your baby. You should do everything you can to learn how your baby will develop. The better your understanding, the stronger your parenting skills will be.

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