Benefits Of Baby Toys For Development

Baby toys for development are essential tools for your baby’s motor and cognitive skills. Introduction of learning toys can be done as early as the first month.

During their first months, babies are not moving much and they basically just sleep and eat (and poop) most of the time. They find difficulty in focusing their eyes on objects that they see, and they cannot grasp anything in their hands yet. But during your baby’s waking hours, he hears and sees things in the surroundings that make him curious and is constantly learning.

Babies learn how to move their limbs as time passes. Your child will want to explore his surroundings by touching what he sees. This is a crucial stage for your baby so it is important to provide him baby toys for development to help improve his senses.

Choosing The Toys For Your Baby

As mentioned above, in the crucial stage of your baby’s development, you need to help him enhance his senses by choosing the right baby toys.

When buying baby toys for development, it is important that you choose brightly colored and hazard-free toys. Also look for baby toys that have contrasting patterns to help him focus his attention.

Choose baby toys that make sounds or have music. Babies love to hear clinking, buzzing, squeaky sounds, so look for baby toys that have sounds.

Textured and interactive toys are also great for your little one. Buttons and knobs that are functional make toys more enjoyable for your baby. He will learn how to use them and you will enjoy watching his fine and gross motor skills grow from using these hands on toys.

The classic baby toys of all time are still making waves today. There may be updates and improvements, but still babies love them as well as their parents.

Baby rattles are classics. They come in different colors, shapes, sizes and have unique sounds that babies enjoy.

Choose baby rattles that can be gripped by your baby when he is old enough to do so. But for the meantime, while he is still incapable, you can show him how to hold and shake it. Babies learn and follow by example, so you need to encourage them in order for them to learn. (Your little one will learn a lot from watching you!)

As your baby grows older, you can ask him to shake the rattle along with some music. You can buy smaller baby rattles for little infants and bigger ones for toddlers.

Teethers are also classic examples of baby toys for development. They actually work in many different ways aside from the obvious. Babies can learn how to grip, shake and improve their sense of touch with teethers.
Avoid choosing teethers with tiny parts that can be hazardous for your baby. Look for durable but manageable teethers made of baby-safe materials.

Soft and cuddly stuffed dolls are also great for babies. They find comfort and companionship with stuffed dolls and animals especially when they play and sleep.

Look for stuffed dolls and animals that are safe for babies under 1 year old. You can find stuffed dolls with sounds or those that squeak when squeezed.

Baby mobiles never cease to give giggles and curiosity to babies. Look for baby mobiles with bright colors. For younger babies, look for black and white, and red mobiles, since these colors are more attention-grabbing for them.

Modern baby toys:

Baby activity gyms allow babies to lie down underneath them and play at the same time.

Activity mats and shatter-proof mirrors help babies learn about themselves. Babies are always curious and seeing themselves in the mirror is a delight to them. A baby mat with a mirror is also great and it allows babies to observe their movements while sitting or lying on their side.

Provide your baby with music CD’s or classical composers, soothing sounds of nature and animal sounds. Play soothing and calming music during nap time to relax your baby from a stressful day.

Your baby is constantly learning. He will learn most from you, his environment and the educational baby toys that he engages with. So, when looking to purchase toys for your little one, make sure they are safe, engaging, and educational.

Which are the best baby toys for development? was developed by a stay-at-home mom with a special education and early intervention background. She has found many baby toys to be great for early child development and many that are not! Check out to learn more…
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