A Guide To Books On Parenting

Parenting means bringing up a child from infancy to adulthood. Recent research shows that most of the positive or negative traits apparent in a young person have their roots in their childhood experience and upbringing. Parenting thus becomes a big concern not only for the parents but for the educators, social workers, child psychologists and pediatricians as well.

There are a number of informative books available on parenting. How to choose the right one is the question! There are many different theories and patterns advocated for parenting. Therefore, you will find a large number of books promoting different theories, practices or patterns.

What are the different parenting patterns or theories?

There are several traditional parenting methods. These include ‘preaching’ to teach the child how to behave, trying to correct the child’s behavior through strict monitoring, and raising a child with the ‘punishment and reward’ method. Many of these parenting methods are being practiced even in combination with modern theories.

Here is a list of different approaches to parenting:

– parents as a the facilitator of growth and learning
– the strict parent model
– parenting through attachment and holistic understanding of your child.
– giving children the choice to build confidence and trust
– concentrating on the child’s qualities like innate intelligence, good spirit, etc.
Christian parenting: This means bringing up a child as per the Biblical principles and teachings.

In order to decide what parenting theory will work best for you, it is important to research. You have to learn and adapt to the principles that are in the best interest of the child.

Now the next question is to decide which informative book on parenting to follow, either authored by an experienced parent or a subject expert.

There are different opinions on this issue. The subject experts are the pediatricians and child psychologists who may or may not have sufficient parenting experience. There are some authors who are not the subject experts, but they have their own parenting experience. With an insight to look at the subject deeply and an ability to grasp the various problems arising in parenting in different situations, these authors analyze the trials and travails of parenting and suggest some practical and time-trusted solutions and methods.

Modern science has unearthed many myths in parenting. New researches have shown many disadvantages and flaws of traditional parenting. Advanced studies in pediatrics and child psychology show the causes of the negative traits in growing children that go back to some faults or inadequacies of certain parenting methods.

Books by such subject experts provide suggestions and solutions for modern-day urban, nuclear family parenting in our fast-paced life, which is quite different from the earlier methods of parenting that may have been more suitable for earlier slow-paced life.

It is observed that books by people with a good parenting experience are given much more preference by the buyers. However, subject experts such as Dr. Spock, in an earlier time, are known to bring out a change in traditional parenting methods. Any book that is a good combination of logical, scientific and practical information, down-to-earth parenting experience, and genuine parenting method could be the rightful choice for a guide to books on parenting.

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